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The Effects of What We Listen Too

by pippa (follow)
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The Ear.

Metaphysically the ear is the organ of receptivity, memory and awakening.


Holds a vibration, a wavelength, a frequency.

We are also made of vibration, wavelengths and frequencies.

Listening to Music according to science.

Listening to music can have profound effects on our mental health and wellbeing.

What does this mean?

Positive music equals positive effects.
Negative music equals negative effects.

When we feel uplifted or inspired by music, the hormones released are contributing to a positive experience.

When we isten to agravating music, angry and aggressive music, hormones released are aggrivating, anger inducing and creating aggressive moods and behaviours.

Relaxation music has powerful effects on our ability to decrease stress level and even get better sleep.

Classical music can affect us in a way that develops complex neural pathways to improve intelligence and productivity.

Music which expresses love, can make us feel love and loving.

Just as music which expresses hate, anger and agression can make us feel hate, anger and aggression.

What you listen too will impact your mood, your personality, you outlook on life. If you keep playing heavy metal with agressive tones, death metal full of hateful lyrics, rap with anger, this music will impact your outlook, whether you are awaare of it or not.

Negativity breeds negativity. You feed your own hate and anger with negative music. Why are you feeding the black wolf?

If you just listen to music with uplifting, positive and enouraging frequencies, you can change your mood and your life.

Music is a powerful inspiring medium. It will affect your energy, your physical and mental health. Sad and depressing music will make you more sad and depressed. It is not a healthy output, habit or behaviour.

We are not going to feel uplifted all the time, those bad moods will come. But people who consistently listen to dark, depressing, angry music are feeding into a downward spiral.

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